Turning Your Backyard Design Ideas Into an Inspiring Reality 

 How could you invite the beauty of the natural southwest into the design of your patio space?

In finest form, patios can become a kind of personal paradise. The question is, how can you make that happen?

What would it be like if you had an outdoor area that served as a source of enchantment and inspiration?   

Are there any outdoor furniture stores in Santa Fe or any other resources that can help you do this?

These are a few questions that can evoke ideas. 

This adventure is for one who wants to turn an outside area into a special, cherished oasis where you love to spend time. 

Let's address that and stir the pot some more. . . 

waterfall garden patio

Your Approach to Patio Design Will Make the Difference. 

The purpose of this article is to provoke you beyond common approach to patio ideas, and towards capturing something truly exceptional. 

In order to differentiate the approaches, let's consider how people typically think when taking on a project like this. They often look at what they have and how to update and/or improve things. While that may suffice for some, let's look beyond the commonplace to see what's possible. 

If you already know the area around your home or business you are going to create (yes- create!), then it's time to imagine. You might want to have a notebook or paper to capture what you consider are your best ideas. 

Let's get back to a sampling of some worthy questions and ideas look at more possibilities for you, because within questions, conception comes into being.  

 In Santa Fe County, shade looks very inviting.


If that's important to you, would the shaded area be partial or full? You might consider shade sails, which can be placed in infinite ways. 

Another alternative are table umbrellas. Or maybe a more stable and permanent overhead roof is preferable. 

Screened in porches appeal to some, and open-air verandas to others. 

What about you?

Outdoor gas fire pits and warm colors adorning deep-seated patio furniture can be one way take a space from ordinary to phenomenal. 

Outdoor furniture and firepit

There are places in Santa Fe that sell award-winning outdoor sets and furnishings. Enzanos on Cerrillos Road is one such store.

outdoor patio dining set
When you are playing with the canvas of the space, consider the sun and the view. If you are most likely to enjoy this spot in the afternoon, you'll want to see where natural shade lands from your home or nearby trees. Sound like the perfect spot for a hammock? A little extra planning and consideration goes a long way. 

Unless you like the idea of spending extra time with upkeep, consider going as low-maintenance as possible. When it comes to the surfaces you walk on, that could mean gravel, bricks, stone or other easily-maintained options. 

Play on paper with more than one arrangement of these elements because you will sense them differently depending on how they are placed. Some form of writing or modeling is the first step into existence. Remember being a kid and putting together a story, some clay or art? There was no right or wrong answer. There was play and discovery. Same here. There are simply different results and lots of ways to show up, so express yourself!

Outdoor furniture has come a long way, and this is an element that makes all the difference. While aluminum chairs with woven plastic might work if you visit a ball game, there are much more compelling local options. Enzanos, a Santa Fe patio furniture store, is one exceptional example that offers elegant choices that are casual, durable, and designed to be low-maintenance. 

Think long-term. Think relationships. No matter where you get it, remember that real quality will last far longer than the short-lived appeal of low prices that come with cheaply built yard furnishings. 

Special private places easily become the kind of magnet that attracts the friends and family you love to spend time with. Relationships happen easier when people are enjoying the environment they are in. If that's important to you, design with that intention!

 small patios can be wonderful

Especially when it comes to the Southwest, color matters. So imagine colors that invite one into your kind of courtyard heaven. 

In this fast-paced world, the appeal and value of a personal paradise is an invitation into peace, enjoyment, inspiration, conversation, and whatever you envision that enhances the quality of your life and those around you. 

Outdoor tables and chairs that stand out from the commonplace can give new meaning to the idea of eating out. You can forget traffic hassles, crowds and reservations when your favorite dining spot is right outside your door!

When it comes to adding some magic to the landscaping features of your special place, there are some features that add a sense of wonderment to it all. 

How about rock garden walls, flagstone pathways, trickling waterfalls, stone built benches and miniature ponds? Think of the flavor and design that mosaic adds. If it's too much to do yourself, you might consider a landscape artist that sees the earth as a canvas to design from. 

A recommended one is listed on the right. 

In the Santa Fe area, Landscape Designer Tobi Wilde and Builder Adam Steinberg of Glorious Earth Landscapes create delightful, personalized wonder with the approach of an earth artist. Above is a sample of their work. Clicking that image leads to many more expressions of what they make possible. 

So go for it!  Shade. Sun. Arrangement. Choice of materials. Walls or open area. Furnishings. View. Color. Quality and style of settings. Plants and flowers that enhance the elements. Those are some vital building blocks that create that which invites you and others into contentment, engagement, and relaxation. Choose decor details for fine-tuning.  

Here's an article from The Santa Fe New Mexican that shows how one unique landscaping company transformed a home owner's yard into something remarkable. 

Encourage yourself to go for something unique and compelling.  Living in the southwest means it's all-the-more important to have a distinctive outdoor sanctuary that compels and invites you into a backyard design created out of your imagining. 

Once you've done that, feel free to come back to this Santa Fe Patio website and contact us to let us know when you have a picture of a place you're proud of, along with permission to use the photo. Let us know if you would like to use your name or not as contributor. It's a great way of sharing and you may inspire others. 

Want More? Here are numerous examples of Southwest ideas that might help you envision your personal corner of paradise in New Mexico. 

And here's to the great memories you and others will make there! 
A patio can be more than an afterthought to a home. It can become a kind of nirvana.

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